Government Announced Agneepath Scheme 2023 | For New Army Recruitments

By: InfoTechies | Last updated: Jan 11th, 2023 at 9:27am

Agneepath is an effort is being made to create a young profile for the military services under the pretense of the program. Their education in modern technology will benefit both their physical and emotional wellbeing. It was initiated by the central government, which will recruit young people into the army for a period of four years.

For this program, you are eligible to apply for any regiment. Additionally, there will be no caste, religious, or geographic discrimination throughout the regiment’s recruitment procedure.

Check Important Points for Agneepath Yojana for Agniveers

  • The soldiers will be assessed four years later.
  • Additionally, they will receive a service payment package as they leave their jobs.
  • Participants will get a one-time payment from the plan rather than a pension.
  • Each soldier that enlists in this army will be given the name “Agniveer.”
    The vast majority of the troops who join up as a result of this initiative will be released after four years of service.

Check eligible Age groups for the youth program

The government will pay firefighters fairly under this proposal, and even after they have worked as firefighters for four years, young people will still have plenty of new opportunities to pursue in the future. Young men between the ages of 17.5 and 21 are able to apply for this program under the Agneepath program of the Indian Army. There will be a provision in this area for training to last somewhere between ten weeks and six months.

Monthly salary for Youth Program

According to the Ministry of Defense, the young person participating in this program will receive a yearly package worth 4.76 lakh rupees in their first year. If we consider the salary under this plan, this is the case. In the fourth and final years of the relevant period, it will increase to 6.92 lakhs.

At the same time, when the army’s newest recruits have served their obligatory four years of service, they would receive Rs. 11.7 lahks as service pay. Please be advised that this amount will not be reduced for taxes.

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