Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart 2023

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History of Kerala Lottery:

Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart 2023: In 1967, the Kerala government established the lottery department to assist people and charitable organizations. On a weekly basis, the department introduces seven lottery games every day. WIN-WIN Lottery, Sthree Sakthi Lottery, Karunya Plus Lottery, Nirmal Lottery, Karunya Lottery, Fifty-Fifty Lottery, and Akshaya Lottery are the names of the daily draws.

Later, to celebrate the festival days, the Kerala lottery department issued bumper tickets. You can view the Kerala Lottery Result Weekly Chart 2024 on our website. This post provides a procedure for checking live Kerala lottery results and claiming the winning Jackpot to assist you.

Kerala Lottery Weekly Chart 2023 – Full Result Winner by Date wise

Lottery NameDraw DateWinnerDraw Code
Nirmal30-06-2023NN 367419NR 335
Karunya Plus29-06-2023PC 413209KN 476
Fifty Fifty28-06-2023FK 243582FF55
Sthree Sakthi27-06-2023SG 883030SS 371
WinWin26-06-2023WA 237744W 724
Nirmal23-06-2023NE 375528NR 334
Karunya Plus22-06-2023PV 811533KN 475
Sthree Sakthi20-06-2023SU 384524SS 370
Win-Win19-06-2023WZ 225511W 723
Nirmal16-06-2023NO 911065NR 333
Karunya Plus15-06-2023PF 220333KN 474
Fifty Fifty14-06-2023FL 672019FF53
Fifty Fifty07-06-2023FP 555546FF52
Karunya Plus01-06-2023PM 178792KN 472
Win-Win29-05-2023WA 171902W 720
Karunya Plus25-05-2023PP 206025KN 471
Karunya Plus18-05-2023PK 733300KN-470
FIFTY-FIFTY17-05-2023FY 359775 (PALAKKAD)FF-50
WinWin15-05-2023WC 134718W 718
Karunya13-05-2023KY 617055KR 601
Nirmal12-05-2023NF 338068NR 328
Karunya Plus11-05-2023PR 300259KN 469
Fifty Fifty10-05-2023FJ 214912FF49
Sthree Sakthi09-05-2023SY 495979SS 364
Karunya06-05-2023KA 478568KR 600
Nirmal05-05-2023NO 996627NR 327
Karunya Plus04-05-2023PG 853989KN 468
Fifty-Fifty03-05-2023FV 373171FF 48
Win-Win01-05-2023to be updatedW 717
Akshaya30-04-2023AG 529705AK 597
Nirmal28-04-2023NH 218162NR 326
Karunya Plus27-04-2023PS 870227KN 467
Fifty Fifty26-04-2023FA 596424FF47
Sthree Sakthi25-04-2023SR 154189SS 362
WinWin24-04-2023WE 186792W 716
KARUNYA PLUS22-04-2023KA 838002KR 598
Nirmal21-04-2023NS 454248NR 325
Karunya Plus20-04-2023PM 988739KN 466
Fifty Fifty19-04-2023FU 215003FF46
Sthree Sakthi18-04-2023SE 261095SS 361
Win-Win17-04-2023WP 160541W 715
Karunya15-04-2023KT 245982KR 597
Karunya Plus13-04-2023PU 274506KN 465
Fifty Fifty12-04-2023FD 283635FF-45
Sthree Sakthi11-04-2023SP 637317SS 360
Win-Win10-04-2023WM 757116W 714
 Karunya08-04-2023KB 105514KR-596
Nirmal07-04-2023NS 577530NR 323
Karunya Plus 06-04-2023PJ 926437KN-464
Fifty Fifty05-04-2023FN 558473FF44
Sthree Sakthi04-04-2023SD 897532SS-359
Win-Win03-04-2023WW 149590W 713
 Karunya01-04-2023KT 186093KR-595
Nirmal31-03-2023NH 145621NR 322
Karunya Plus30-03-2023PW 845711KN-463
Fifty-Fifty29-03-2023FB 115501FF 43
Sthree Sakthi 28-03-2023SW 104268SS-358 
Win-Win27-03-2023WL 640613W 712
Karunya25-03-2023KD 818775KR 594
Nirmal24-03-2023NW 655771NR 321
FIFTY-FIFTY22-03-2023FW 613551FF-42
STHREE-SAKTHI21-03-2023 SE 989926 (ATTINGAL)SS-357
WIN-WIN20-03-2023WO 405795 (MALAPPURAM)W-711
SUMMER BUMPER 202319-03-2023SE 222282BR-90
Nirmal17-03-2023NG 773104NR 320
Sthree Sakthi14-03-2023SS 356SS 356 
Win-Win13-03-2023WC 317032W 710
Nirmal10-03-2023NZ 672485NR 319
Fifty Fifty08-03-2023FN 525247FF40
Sthree Sakthi 07-03-2023SC 501963SS 355
WinWin06-03-2023WY 698752W 709
Nirmal03-03-2023NE 640222NR 318
Karunya Plus02-03-2023PT 726145KN 459
FiftyFifty01-03-2023FH 148407FF-39
Sthree Sakthi28-02-2023SP 639965SS-354
Akshaya26-02-2023to be updatedAK 589
Karunya25-02-2023 KD 775052 (CHITTUR)KR 590
Nirmal24-02-2023NV 449050 (NEYYATTINKARA)NR- 317
Karunya Plus23-02-2023PC 679755KN-458
FIFTY-FIFTY22-02-2023FO 507642(FF-38)
STHREE-SAKTHI21-02-2023SF 741556 (PAYYANUR)(SS-353)
WIN-WIN20-02-2023WS 411264 (PALAKKAD)(W-707)
AKSHAYA19-02-2023AS 935284 (VAIKKOM)(AK-588)
KARUNYA18-02-2023KN 574518 (ERNAKULAM)(KR-589)
NIRMAL17-02-2023NG 936161 (PUNALUR)(NR-316)
Karunya Plus16-02-2023PR 275132KN 457
Sthree Sakthi14-02-2023SP 500807SS 352
WIN-WIN13-02-2023WB 383099W 706
Karunya11-02-2023KB 570506KR 588
Nirmal10-02-2023NV 801915NR 315
Karunya Plus09-02-2023PE 427933KN 456
Sthree Sakthi07-02-2023SD 523203SS 351
Win-Win06-02-2023WN 801517W 705
Nirmal03-02-2023NE 872135NR 314
Karunya Plus02-02-2023PO 859990KN 455
Fifty-Fifty01-02-2023FA 469188FF35
Every day at 3 pm the result will be updated on the same page! Keep Checking…

To view the Full Result Click here [Result Link]

The Kerala Lottery Result chart is a comprehensive list of all the winning numbers and prize amounts for each lottery draw. The chart is updated regularly and includes information on the date of the draw, the name of the lottery, the winning numbers, and the prize amount for each category.

The chart is easy to read and understand, making it the perfect resource for lottery players in Kerala. It allows players to easily check their numbers against the winning numbers and see if they have won a prize.

The chart also includes information on the number of tickets sold for each draw, as well as the total prize money that was distributed. This information is useful for players who want to get an idea of the odds of winning a prize in a particular lottery.

In addition to the results chart, the Kerala Lottery website also provides detailed information on each lottery, including the rules, how to play, and the prize structure. This information is useful for players who are new to the lottery or want to learn more about a specific lottery.

Overall, the Kerala Lottery Result chart is a valuable resource for players in Kerala, providing them with all the information they need to stay informed about the latest lottery results and prize amounts.

Kerala Lottery Result Today live 2024

Lottery NameNirmal
Organization NameKerala Lottery Department
Today’s Result 1st WinnerNN 367419
First PrizeRs. 70,00,000/-
Draw NumberNR 335
Draw Date30-06-2023
Result Time3 PM IST
Agent Commission10% in Any Amount

The official website to get Kerala Lottery results is and the result will be published every 4 pm in PDF Format, if you want to get a live lottery result, Please visit this page again.

Draw Place: As per the Kerala Government’s wishes, They will draw the result in any location in Kerala but mostly, the resulting draw will be conducted in Thiruvananthapuram from 2.30 pm to 5 pm Daily in front of a Group of judges and Government appointed chairman. Basically, the Kerala lottery will be conducted in a legit way.

Kerala Lottery Bumper Lottery:

Weekly & Bumper Lottery: There are seven Weekly Lottery and 6-7 Bumper lottery in annually, The Bumper Lottery will be conducted in an only festival seasons like Thiruvonom, Monsoon, etc

There are 21 Sub Lottery Offices, 14 District Lottery Offices, a Regional Deputy Director for Audit in Kozhikode, a Directorate at Vikas Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram, and a Joint Director Office in Ernakulam.

In the above table, you can check the Kerala lottery results yesterday 2024, and last 2 weeks’ Result,s and the Lottery winner list

Kerala weekly lottery Schedule Day wise

Draw DayLottery Game Name
TuesdaySTHREE Sakthi
ThursdayKarunya Plus

Here above table, you can see the kerala lottery monthly chart  2024 and lottery name, as per the Kerala Government lottery act, All the results will be published on the given day at the same time.

Kerala Lottery Ticket Rate Chart 2023

In the below table, The lottery ticket prize has been given including 28% GST.

Lottery NameResult DayLottery Price including GST
Win-WinMondayRs.40 (nominal value 31.25 + 28% GST)
Sthree SakthiTuesdayRs.40 (nominal value 31.25 + 28% GST)
AkshayaWednesdayRs.40 (nominal value 31.25 + 28% GST)
Karunya PlusThursdayRs.40 (nominal value 31.25 + 28% GST)
NirmalFridayRs.40 (nominal value 31.25 + 28% GST)
KarunyaSaturdayRs.40 (nominal value 31.25 + 28% GST)
Fifty FiftySundayRs.50 (nominal value 39.06 + 28% GST)

Kerala lottery Prize Structure 2024

There are many different prize structures given to each individual lottery ticket, which may vary depending on the lottery name; in the table below, you can easily download the prize structure and view the agent commission based on all first through eighth prizes.

Weekly Lotteries
 MONDAYWIN -WIN Lottery (Download Prize Structure pdf)
 TUESDAYSTHREE SAKTHI (Download Prize Structure pdf)
 WEDNESDAYAKSHAYA Lottery (Download Prize Structure pdf)
 THURSDAYKARUNYA PLUS Lottery (Download Prize Structure)
 FRIDAYNIRMAL Lottery (Download Prize Structure pdf)
 SATURDAYKARUNYA Lottery (Download Prize Structure pdf)
 SUNDAYFIFTY FIFTY Lottery (Download Prize Structure pdf)

Kerala Lottery Agent Commission

The Lotteries Department has a large distribution network that includes more than 55,414 agents and 1.5 lakh merchants. The procedures for establishing an agency or becoming an agent are simple and do not necessitate a large financial investment. Any Kerala resident over the age of 18 can work as an agent for Kerala State Lotteries.

A person can apply to be an agent at the District Lottery Offices by submitting the necessary application form, which costs Rs 335, as well as two passport-size photos. This initial registration is valid for one calendar year. The agent can renew their agency for Rs. 85/- per year. District lottery offices will issue a causal agency upon payment of Rs. 50 fee for a specific lottery.

Kerala Lottery Taxes and Charges

When you win a Kerala state lottery, you will be charged 40% in charges, 30% in taxable income, and 10% in agent commission.

Any state resident can easily purchase Kerala Govt Lottery tickets inside the state of Kerala, and the tickets will not be sold outside of Kerala.

Sl NoOfficeCode
1Directorate, ThiruvananthapuramL

Bumper Lotteries: The Kerala Bumper Lottery draws are held throughout the year to celebrate festivals and special days. The Bumper Lotteries fee ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300, with prizes ranging up to Rs. 12 crore. The Bumper Lotteries and draw months are listed in the table below.

Draw MonthBumper Lotteries
JanuaryXmas New Year Lottery
MarchSummer Bumper Lottery
JulyMonsoon Bumper Lottery
NovemberPooja Bumper Lottery

Steps to view the Kerala Lottery Result

  1. Go to the Director of Kerala State Lotteries‘ official website.
  2. Choose the Result View option from the homepage.
  3. Then, from the Dropdown list, select the link “Result.”
  4. You can now view the most recent Kerala Lottery Draw Results List.
  5. Click View after selecting the link for your Lottery Name and Date.
  6. Finally, the Kerala Lottery Result pdf will be displayed on the screen.


கேரளா லாட்டரி ரிசல்ட் , ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ലോട്ടറി റിസൽട് , கேரளா பம்பர் லாட்டரி ரிசல்ட், കേരളാ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി.

At 3 pm, the live results of the Kerala state lottery are telecast on the Jai Hind, Kairali, and Kaumudhi TV networks. At 4 o’clock, the official result will be released on the Kerala State Lottery portal

The procedure of Claiming Winning Lottery Jackpot

To claim the lottery jackpot, the winner must submit the winning ticket, along with all necessary documents, to the lottery authority within 30 days of the result. If the winning jackpot is less than one lakh rupees, you can easily claim it from the District Lottery Offices concerned.

Prize MoneyDeposit Claim From to
₹5,000 or lowerTicket Agent
₹1,00,000 or lowerDepartment of District Lottery Offices
₹1,00,000 or Below (Other States)Department of Directorate
₹1,00,000 or AboveDepartment of Director of State Lotteries
₹1 Lakh to ₹20 LakhsDepartment of Deputy Director
₹20 Lakhs and AboveDepartment of Director

The following documents are needed to claim the winning amount:

  • The Self-attested Photocopy of both sides of the ticket.
  • Two Passport Size photos properly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  • You should get a receipt for the prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth ₹1/-
  • Self-attested PAN CARD copy.
  • Attested ID Proof Documents like Adhaar Card, Ration Card, DL, Passport, Voter ID Card, etc.
Frequent Asked Questions about Kerala Lottery Result

Q.1: How to Check Today Lottery Results 2024?

You can check Today’s Lottery Result at or the website for live updates.

Q.2: What is the Official Website For Kerala Lottery Result 2024 Today?

The official website for Kerala Lottery result 2024 is

How to check Kerala Lottery Results Today?

You can check Kerala Lottery result on

When will the Kerala lottery result released?

The Kerala Lottery result will be published daily at 3 PM IST.

how to win lottery in kerala

The only one method to win Jackpot Lottery is Buying more Bumper Lottery tickets.

how to take lottery ticket in kerala

First, You can buy it on Kerala Lottery website or Buy from 3rd party Website for Online tickets.